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The Natalon Kwartet consists of the pianists Laura Sandee, Robert Lambermont, Petra van Oort and Anna van Nieukerken. Petra, Laura, and Robert have been working together for twenty years, including as members of the former Rondane Kwartet. Laura and Anna have been a piano duo since 2002. In June 2022, the pianists joined forces and formed the Natalon Kwartet.

Natalon Quartet

Simeon ten Holt regarded Robert Lambermont as one of the foremost advocates of his music

The Natalon Kwartet is specialized in the music of Simeon ten Holt and is the only quartet worldwide that performs all of Simeon ten Holt's compositions for four keyboard instruments. Experts praise their honest approach. Partly due to Lambermont’s many years of friendship with Simeon ten Holt, the quartet interprets his compositions according to the composer's preferences and thus remains closest to the original source. Ten Holt regarded Robert Lambermont one of the leading advocates of his music.

Laura Sandee, Petra van Oort,

Robert Lambermont, Anna van Nieukerken


In 1998, Robert Lambermont, along with photographer Rob Slooten, established a quartet that frequently presented performances of Canto Ostinato and Lemniscaat, occasionally complemented by exhibitions featuring Robert's kinetic art objects. At that time, Robert met Simeon ten Holt through a producer from The Dutch classical radio station (Radio 4). A friendship developed between the two artists and Simeon became interested in Robert's interpretations of his music.

In 2002, Robert founded the Bergen Kwartet together with Laura Sandee and Petra van Oort, among others, which was renamed Rondane Kwartet in 2010.

The Rondane Quartet performed numerous concerts of Simeon ten Holt both domestically and internationally. In addition to the annual concert series in Church 'De Duif' in Amsterdam, the SOU Festival in Tbilisi in Georgia, the Moscow International Performing Arts Center in Russia and the Festival of Flanders in Belgium. They also played in a four-piano pavilion by artist Dré Wapenaar, specially designed for the music of Simeon ten Holt. Together with the Amstel Quartet they performed 'Incantatie IV' in a setting for four grand pianos and four saxophones. The quartet released five CDs of Canto Ostinato, Lemniscaat, Horizon, Incantatie IV and Meandres that were praised in the media. They also appeared in the film 'About Canto' by Ramón Gieling.

Canto Ostinato by Natalon Kwartet YouTube

Lambermont and Ten Holt

Robert Lambermont and Simeon ten Holt after a performance of Lemniscaat, Ruïnkerk Bergen, 1999

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