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Simeon ten Holt was born in Bergen (N.H.) in 1923 and died in Alkmaar in 2012. He studied music composition with Jacob van Domselaer (1890-1960), the musical representative of De Stijl. Ten Holt continued his studies at the École Normale in Paris with Arthur Honegger (1892-1955) and then lived in France for several years. He wrote articles about music in the magazine 'Raster' and was co-founder of the Bergen Contemporary Music Working Group in his hometown of Bergen. As a pianist he performed concerts of his own compositions. Initially, Simeon ten Holt wrote atonal and serial music. His most important works from this period are Cyclus on Madness (1962), Interpolations (1969) for piano, Diagonal Music (1958) for strings, Trypticon (1965) for six percussionists. Later, Simeon ten Holt became more interested in a style of composition in which tradition and experiment are of equal importance. In 1975 he began writing a composition for several keyboard instruments, Canto Ostinato, which he completed in 1979. This work marked the beginning of a new period, in which Ten Holt returned to tonality. Lemniscaat (1983), Horizon (1985), Incantation IV (1990) and Meandres (1998), all works for two or more keyboard instruments, belong to this period. Important works for one or more pianos include Natalon in E (1980) and Soloduiveldans II (1986), III (1990) and IV (1997). Simeon ten Holt's compositions are performed worldwide.


photography: Friso Keuris

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