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Canto Ostinato by Simeon ten Holt has become an integral part of the canon of leading Dutch composers. But did you know that after Canto Ostinato, Ten Holt composed four more pieces for four keyboard instruments? These include Lemniscaat (1983), Horizon (1985), Incantatie IV (1990), and Meandres (1998).

The Natalon Quartet specializes in these monumental piano works, which, like Canto Ostinato, are constructed from repetitive patterns alternating with compelling melodic passages.

Natalon Quartet

After the masterful Canto Ostinato, Simeon ten Holt composed four more full-length concertos for four grand pianos

During a performance, the four grand pianos are arranged in a cross shape. The faces of the pianists are directed towards each other, allowing them to communicate optimally using specific signs.

The compositions are constructed from recurring musical elements. The performers have a broad range of influence, deciding on dynamic contrast, duration (in detail as well as for the whole), and the notated variants can be played successively, separately, or simultaneously.

Musical decisions are made in the moment. The composer embraces a 'roundabout mentality,' promoting equality among all musicians as they collectively navigate the music through intuitive guidance. Utilizing a system of subtle communication, the musical choices are democratically determined. As a result, each performance is a unique adventure for both the pianists and the audience.

Score Lemniscaat

Score Lemniscaat

Natalon Quartet

each performance is a unique
adventure for both the pianists and the audience

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